Standards and protocols for Net-connected tech with social, ethical considerations

Created: 10-14-2015 - Updated: 10-15-2015

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Work with all stakeholders to insure privacy, security, freedom of expression and cognitive liberty are essential considerations with the development of open protocols and standards for Net-connected medical devices, the Internet of Things and cryptocurrency/blockchain technologies.

Alignment with the NETmundial Principles

Issues of trust and public safety will become even more critical as the Internet of Things, Net-connected medical implants, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts merge the physical world with cyberspace. We must insure that human freedom and dignity are preserved - including cognitve liberty - the right to privacy and free thought which must precede the right to free expression - in this new realm.

Open development of technical standards and protocols are essential to this goal.

Alignment with NETmundial Initiative's Mission & Scope

This project will create a clearinghouse for initiatives to preserve human freedom and dignity as the physical world merges with the virtual.

We will work closely with the Internet Society and maintain their open, multistakeholder approach to the development of these new technologies.

Project's #hashtag

#neurosecurity #IoT #privacy #cryptocurrency #blockchain #privacy #humanrights

Funding requirements

US$ $75,000

Expertise requirements

ICT policy, open technology, legal, security



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