NETmundial Initiative

The historic NETmundial meeting held in São Paulo, Brazil, in April 2014, provided a reference for governments, private sector, civil society, technical community and academia from around the world to address Internet governance challenges. Its concluding document contained a shared set of Principles and a Roadmap to guide the evolution of Internet cooperation and governance. Many parties to these historic discussions seek to carry forward the cooperative spirit forged in São Paulo and work together to address Internet issues in concrete ways through the NETmundial Initiative.

The mission of the NETmundial Initiative is to provide a platform that helps catalyze practical cooperation between all stakeholders in order to address Internet issues and advance the implementation of the NETmundial Principles and Roadmap.


The NETmundial Initiative has endorsed two activities that are within the scope of its Terms of Reference and aimed at facilitating the implementation of its mission statement.

1. The beta version of the NETmundial Solutions Map, a tool designed to support information sharing and collaboration across Internet governance issues. The Map reflects input from a diverse set of global stakeholders and is now open for content contributions.

2. The beta version of the NETmundial Collaboration Platform, a space intended to enable collaboration, cooperation and solicitation of Internet governance proposals and proposals.


The Platform is a tool aimed at helping catalyze practical cooperation between all stakeholders. The Initiative’s primary aim is to elevate and foster global support for the bottom-up proposals submitted through the Platform. In doing so, the Initiative will adhere to the NETmundial process Principles of openness and inclusiveness.