Integrated Internet Governance and Capacity Building for a Unified Internet

Created: 02-26-2016 - Updated: 02-26-2016

Category: Net Neutrality
Location: Africa
Country: KENYA


The youth consist of the largest constituent that depends on the Internet, yet many do not truly understand what Internet governance means, or how to get involved and shape it.
Our project is a platform for education, capacity building, empowerment and mobilization of youth (18-35) to engage in Internet governance dialogues with a focus on creating the Next-generation of leadership and IG advocates that will fight for access,Inclusion, and a unified, global, decentralized Internet.

Alignment with the NETmundial Principles

As a youth empowering youth organization, we are committed to creating the next-generation of Internet governance leaders capable of fighting for the preservation of a unified and non fragmented ecology of the Internet, as stipulated in the 2014 Netmundial outcome document. This can only be achieved through creating the next generation of Internet governance leadership in communities and institutions of higher learning in East Africa.

Alignment with NETmundial Initiative's Mission & Scope

The program seeks to train participants in universities in the quest to help create a broader base of knowledgeable next generation of IG leadership/constituents who are able to engage in the IG Multi-stakeholder process and become the new voice of experience in the East Africa region and beyond, in the quest to maintain a unified and un-fragmented Internet ecology

Project's #hashtag

Youth, Access, Inclusion, Net Neutrality,

Funding requirements

US$ 50000$



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